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King Louie OG: Stoney Heavy-Hitter from Pistil Point



King Louie OG by Pistil Point

King Louie OG by Pistil Point

With grow operations out of both Oregon and California, Pistil Point is best known for their King Louie OG, an indica-dominant strain with powerful genetics that can test as high as 30 percent THC. Louie smells of pine, with both earthy and sweet notes, almost like manure — in a good way, as strange as that sounds. The taste is diesel-y, creamy, piney and musky all at once,  a complex flower with varied dimensions and experience.

King Louie OG by Pistil Point

I felt a heavy, swaying high after smoking Louie — this one is stooooney! There’s a bit of a melancholy effect as well, which turned out to be beneficial when I smoked a bowl before a compassion meditation. Both grounding and opening, Louie turned out to be just the ticket to heart-opening — really letting me feel my body and emotions. Therapeutically, Louie is good for insomnia; for the newcomers to cannabis, I might suggest only smoking it before bed, when you’re ready to feel very sleepy. Cue the hypnotist’s trance.

King Louie OG by Pistil Point

Available At…

  1. Barbary Coast Dispensary: 952 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94103
  2. Garden of Eden: 21227 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA 94541




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