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Loud and Proud: Kiva Gives Back to the LGBTQ+ Community



Kiva Confections hosted celebrations during Pride Month that launched their new flavor of Camino Gummies, Tropical Punch, adding to their suite of cannabis confections. To give back to the LGBTQ+ community, Kiva Confections has donated $30,000 in total to participating drag queen’s three choice charities.

LaGanja Estranja’s selection is The Los Angeles LGBT Center where she has hosted #LaganjasDanceSchool. The LGBT Center is celebrating 50 years of LGBT activism, service and support. “Kiva’s new Tropical Punch flavored Camino gummy is all about loving who you are in a fearless light!” said LaGanja. “Drag queens have a vast history of activism and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community and we’re here, honoring Drag Queens, such as myself, in a fun, unique way.”

At the Hamburger Mary’s LA release party LaGanja chatted about the partnership, took photos with guests then hyped up the crowd for an exciting performance. The sickeningly talented, LaGanja wowed the crowd with her iconic death drop.

Michael Simon Photography for Kiva Confections

I shared a booth with Heklina and Peaches Christ before their beautiful performance at the San Francisco Oasis release party. Heklina was dressed in a tribal pattern caramel rum colored dress while Peaches donned a glitzy magenta and blue ensemble. One was the rum, the other the punch!

Heklina is donating to the LGBT History Museum in the Castro. “I feel like much of our history gets lost without archives,” said Heklina. “Lots of kids nowadays don’t know the history in San Francisco from the nineties, let alone the eighties and seventies. There’s such rich history, they need help preserving it and keep[ing] their spot in the Castro.”

Peaches is giving back to Harvey Milk Center for the Arts in Duboce Park. “They’re trying to raise money to transform a giant room in that building into a black box theatre [for the community],” said Peaches. “The Castro has been devoid of real theater space since Josie’s [Cabaret and Juice] Joint closed in whatever year that was.” Heklina chimed in, “Uh, like 20 years ago?”

Each queen is enamored by Kiva’s generosity. This sweet project is a proud labor of love spearheaded by lead product developer Silva Yaacoubian created in homage to her LGBTQ+ family, specifically to honor the drag queen community.

Heklina and Peaches collaborated on package design, which they all re-designed to make the icon truly embody a drag queen. The glamorous bag is sparkly with pink, purple and blue party lights. A fabulous queen stands as if it were Saturday night in the Castro, with the iconic neighborhood theater lit in the background.

They submitted their feedback on flavor and dosage. “Tropical Punch Camino is the perfect cannabis-infused edible gummy to get to celebrate pride! Each flavor contains 5mg of THC per piece which is the sweet spot for having controlled and safe fun,” shared LaGanja.

Heklina recalls that she had a tasting party in Palm Springs where people helped decide which one tasted the most tropical. Peaches and Heklina both liked the same flavor best. “It was a rad excuse to sit in bed and eat a bunch of gummies,” said Peaches. These were not infused of course! The queens would never have gotten out of bed if otherwise!

The intention behind the flavor notes is rooted in juicy, well-formulated terpenes. Kiva consulted accredited terpene research with loads of consumer feedback during formulation. From there they combined limonene, beta-caryophyllene, linalool and pinene terpenes. “The blend is designed to deliver a hyper-uplifting, energizing effect that the word ‘Fierce’ nails perfectly,” stated Kiva.

This event is the first time the Queens interacted with the final product. Heklina said, “I have a big show tonight so I’m going to wait till I get home [to try the Tropical Punch infused.]”


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