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Absolutely Slayed: Kush Wrecked Shatter

The strain artisans at Polaris Wellness crafted Killa Gorilla on a whim, wanting to give a familiar strain a little something to make it stand out in the…



Kush Wrecked Shatter BudCo Farms

Test Results: 79.67% THC |  .58% CBD  |  Indica | Tested By: Green Grower Labs

Kush Wrecked

Looking through a Washington state-shaped window of a black and red Mylar bag, I peer into the abyss of BudCo Farms’ Kush Wrecked shatter. The oil has a perfect golden hue and I rip the seal off the top of the bag like a child on Christmas morning. Extracts, a freshly launched concentrate line by BudCo, has come into the wax arena with a knockout! With heavy properties of Kush and Trainwreck, the smell of the terpenes waft through the container lid, beckoning me.

Kush Wrecked Shatter BudCo Farms

Kush Wrecked Shatter – BudCo Farms

A clean, milky white smoke fills my rig and as I place the carb cap on the banger and the contents charge into my lungs. Upon exhale, which is smooth and clean, I am blessed with the flavors of pine, spice and a hint of lemon. In flower form, Kush Wrecked is a great pain reliever, and its sister shatter form is also a great way to kill my ever-present back pain. The relaxing, numbing high lasts for a few hours and I catch a mellow head buzz while contently watching my nightly shows on TV. After the second and third dab, let’s just say I got Kush Wrecked!

Strain Name: Kush Wrecked |Produced By: BudCo Farms| | Twitter: @BudCoFarms | Instagram: @budcofarms

Available At:

Locals Canna House 9616 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Apex Cannabis 21502 E Gilbert Rd, Otis Orchards, WA 99207


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