Edibles That Pack A Punch: Kushy Punch Lives Up to Its Name

Test Results: 100mg THC | 4mg CBD per package

The strawberry flavored sativa Kushy Punch is a pleasant medicinal treat. I get antsy during road trips, especially longer ones, and the gummies helped suppress restlessness, as well as overall anxiety. I was riding as a passenger to Mexico when I first ingested the edible. I was able to stay awake, yet remain relaxed while navigating for my mother. The high was euphoric. I recall enjoying the ride and playing music for my grandmother, who was sitting behind me. The high wasn’t overwhelming, yet still powerful. It got the job done.

The cannabis taste was strong, yet complimentary to the strawberry notes. I also let a licensed friend of mine sample, and she enjoyed a great high. She had the energy to get errands done, with a boost that lasted three to four hours. I highly recommend sativa strawberry KP for patients who want to be productive with their medicine.

Available at: Cannabal City Collective, 547 Seaton St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 | Rose Collective 411 Rose Ave. Venice, CA 90291 | Point Loma Patients Consumer Cooperative 3452 Hancock St. San Diego, CA 92110

Social: www.kushypunch.com | Instagram: @kushypunchsandiego

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