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LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y): The Future is Strain Specific

Harvest Direct Enterprises is the first company in the world to develop a manufacturing method, LACY, that lets you capture an entire cannabis strain in a capsule.



LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y)

LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y)LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y)

Have you ever had an edible that felt exactly like your favorite strain of weed? Imagine an OG Kush edible that gives you the distinct uplifting and euphoric effects of smoking a fat bowl of OG Kush. Or a Grape Ape capsule that gives you the relaxed, hungry and sleepy high that you’ve come to expect after consuming  your favorite Grape Ape strain. Welcome to the future of edibles. Welcome to LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y).

Harvest Direct Enterprises is the first company in the world to develop a manufacturing method, LACY, that lets you capture an entire cannabis strain in a capsule. Founded in 2016 by brothers and Pittsburgh natives Zeyead and Ahmed Gharib, Harvest Direct Enterprises is a cannabis technology company based out of Seattle, Washington that focuses on manufacturing methods that produce the first true full-spectrum, strain-specific edibles. The Gharib Brothers have invented and developed a state-of-the-art proprietary device named LACY that can activate cannabinoids for various formulations without losing or degrading any of the hundreds of medically-viable compounds that give each cannabis strain its unique and distinct effects and characteristics.

This technological breakthrough marks the biggest innovation in cannabis science since the introduction of cannabis concentrates. LACY allows for the formulation of the first cannabis edibles to truly harness the entourage effect LACY produces the only cannabis edibles designed to include the hundreds of therapeutically relevant compounds found in cannabis, as opposed to just THC or just CBD. As a result, products produced by LACY are more effective at smaller doses and have more therapeutic uses than traditional cannabis edibles.

LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y)

Above is a graphic depicting the terpene content of cannabis activated and infused via LACY on the left, and the three top-selling capsules in Washington State on the right: THCaps by Northwest Cannabis Solutions and Double Delicious’ Hybrid and Indica capsules. As you can see, these products are virtually void of terpenes, essentially lacking the cannabis profile of the strain they started with. On the other hand, products produced by LACY are shown to have a much greater terpene content and diversity and more importantly, they contain the exact profile of the Blue Dream strain they were made from. That’s the magic of LACY.

LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y)

Do you notice how the starting materials terpene pie chart and the LACY pie chart look almost exactly the same in the graphic above? This shows, without a shadow of a doubt, that LACY (Lossless Activation Chamber Y) is able to fully activate cannabinoids while maintaining the strain profile of the plant we started with. Additionally, the Ardent, the most popular home cannabis activator currently on the market, is easily surpassed by LACY’s superior terpene content and profile retention during activation. The same can be said for the traditional methods sample which was activated via heat. These samples were analyzed by Confidence Analytics in Redmond, WA.

Harvest Direct Enterprises is represented by the largest and most respected intellectual property and patent law firm in the country. This powerhouse firm represents clients such as Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, and a dozen other internationally recognized brands and have taken Harvest Direct Enterprises on as their exclusive client in the legal cannabis space. They plan to broker acquisition or licensing of this proprietary technology by pharmaceutical companies once cannabis is legalized nationally for recreational and medical use. It should also be noted that LACY is not limited to producing cannabis edibles. In the same way that Tesla is producing cars to showcase the capabilities of its state-of-the-art battery, Harvest Direct Enterprises is producing edibles to showcase the capabilities of their proprietary manufacturing method and technology.

For more information on LACY and Harvest Direct Enterprises please see this pitch deck. If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss investing or licensing, please contact Harvest Direct Enterprises at: [email protected]


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