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Ladies of Paradise: The Bad Ass Girl Gang You Should Know About



Ladies of Paradise: The Bad Ass Girl Gang You Should Know About

Ladies of Paradise is a creative agency based in Portland. They’re a group of stylish stoners and event planners with a brick and mortar store on Division street. We sat down with Leighana Martindale and Keasha Brown to talk about some of their over-the-top events and what’s next for LOP.

DOPE Magazine: What do you do for LOP?

Leighana: I’m the COO and event coordinator. I do everything from project management to business operation., I do our client and sponsor outreach as well as plan and coordinator all of our events.

Keasha: I’m a creative assistant, social media manager, set designer and shop manager.

What can attendees expect to see at your events?

L: A lot of cannabis. Our large events always provide drinks, food and the weed. As well as a bitchin’ photo booth and some crazy sets. Our next event will be in Denver on March 9th at Cultivated Synergy. The theme is Electric Avenue, a holographic disco and will have a Third Dimension Activation, The Hologram Activation, and my favorite!! — The Mass Media Consumption Lounge.

How do you choose the brands you work with and what can they expect to see at your events?

L: We only work with brands we truly believe in, so when we’re doing our outreach I make sure to only look for brands that we can stand behind. Another thing that separates us from other brands we work with for our events is that we don’t oversaturate our event. When there are too many brands at an event, the brands don’t get the exposure they deserve. We limit the brands we work with for each event to ensure our guests and our partners both enjoy the event.

What has been your favorite event so far?

L: Cowboys vs. Aliens was my favorite thus far, I think mostly because I geek out over aliens so much and it was a blast to see everyone dressed up crazy.

Ladies of Paradise: The Bad Ass Girl Gang You Should Know About

Photo by Ashley Walter

K: Neon Safari. The energy in the room was unreal. I felt really connected to everyone. I remember thinking to myself “This feeling is what makes it all worth it.” At one point in the night a couple randomly started doing acrobatic performances while the band was playing.

Favorite thing about your events in general?

L: The reason I got into cannabis event planning was because as someone who enjoys cannabis and doesn’t love the bar scene, I saw a lack of events for people like myself and I wanted to create that. I love creating an atmosphere where people not only have fun and enjoy themselves, but where I can create a unique experience and most importantly a safe space for not just women, but all!

K: The sense of community. I think it’s rare to have so many like minded people in one area smoking good weed. It’s always bound to be pure magic. The creative expression brings me a lot of joy as well. Seeing a concept blossom into a full blown event is always amazing to be a part of.

Where do you get your inspiration?

L: It really depends on what type of event it is, for the most part I just imagine what I would want to see, how I would want to feel, and what I would enjoy myself – from there I build it out. I always try to create an experience and have leaned hard into interactive installations which I think drives and inspires me the most.

K: With a background as a vintage buyer I naturally have a huge love for other eras. A lot of my creativity is stemmed from photos or movies from different time periods. I love the thought of creating a world that we didn’t get to live in. I usually add a vintage flare to nearly all of my work.

Keasha Brown – Photo Credit: Williejane Dent

How are you aiming to elevate the experience/community for women in cannabis?

L: By completely disrupting what we know of cannabis events as they are. To create an actual experience versus your normal dab bar and cannabis lounge feel.

K: Creating a safe space for women in the community is so important. That’s really something we’re trying to create when it comes to our events as well as our retail space.

If you had an unlimited budget and progressive consumption laws to work with, what would your dream party look like?

L: Omg, I wouldn’t even know where to begin! I want to go HARD into experiential marketing, if I had unlimited budget, we would be able to book a real venue and have large interactive art installation. But I think my dream event, would actually be a high end cannabis infused brunch – I nerd out about cannabis and food.

K: My dream party would include Frank Ocean performing on a rooftop  overlooking the architecture in Santorini … and of course endless amounts of weed. Hey, a girl can dream.

Ladies of Paradise: The Bad Ass Girl Gang You Should Know About

Photo by Ashley Cleaver


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