Large Scale Grow Lighting For Cannabis Professionals

Nanolux Technology is the leading brand of horticultural ballasts in the world and currently serves the United States cannabis market. It’s not their original market, but an intriguing crossover for a company dedicated to advancing the horticultural industry in as many ways as possible.

Launching their original Nanolux ballast in 2011, this lighting company has grown fast and moved aggressively in the market. They take pride in their products and employ a wonderful team whose aim is to help large and small-scale cannabis growers familiarize themselves with their products.

Growing cannabis on a large scale is far from a simple task and growing any kind of consumable, cannabis or otherwise, requires years of expertise and refining. Cannabis growers across the United States suddenly have access to a wide array of lighting and ballast options as the legal cannabis industry grows and expands. The Nanolux team is experienced at growing a large range of consumables. In fact, most of the staff are gardening veterans, some with more than a decade of experience in hydroponic growing operations. The Nanolux staff uses its expertise to help growers learn about their products, and takes pride in educating themselves, each other and their business-to-business clients—in turn passing information to growers across the country.

The team at Nanolux use Nanolux products in their own gardens and they stand behind them 110 percent, “Nanolux is a customer service-based company with products that speak for themselves. We stand behind our products. We’re not just selling products—we also use them ourselves and all give feedback on how to improve them,” expressed Emily Walter, National Sales Manager for Nanolux Technology.

One thing that sets Nanolux apart from competitors in the cannabis arena is that they engineer, manufacture and distribute their own products—allowing greater control over manufacturing and distribution costs. Saving money through their production cycle means Nanolux is able to pass savings on to retailers that carry their products, and ultimately, the growers using their ballasts or fixtures. The industry is in its infancy and cannabis growers are looking for ways to improve flower production, and to ultimately increase production and revenue while streamlining their spending process.

Nanolux ballasts are continually decreasing in size using cutting-edge circuit board technology—these digital ballasts are half the size of traditional models and a quarter of the weight. The company is known worldwide for their incredible after-sales service. All Nanolux ballasts and fixtures (except the Nanolux Flip and dual Series) are equipped to run the Nanolux Cloud Control System (NCCS). The NCCS can maintain up to 999 ballasts within wireless range at the same time.


Nanolux set out to help retailers and subsequent customers achieve their goals through providing a consistent quality product at the right price. Nanolux always goes the extra mile for their clients whenever possible, and growers out there will be interested to know that Nanolux provides custom lighting layouts for cannabis operations. The Nanolux team are able to recommend the best product for individual grows based on their space, needs and budget.

“We are a forerunner of innovation and have received more patents than any other ballast brand on the market. The Nanolux Technology team brings over 40 years of experience in the horticultural and hydroponic industries to the table. We also have the largest network in the industry with the best after-sale service, bar none,” Walter added.


• Nanolux has warehouses in Petaluma, Salt Lake City, Louisville and Valencia, Spain. Nanolux is launching the EU subsidiary in 2016. They launched their first ballast in 2011.

• Nanolux engineers, manufactures and distributes their own products. They are able to control their manufacturing and distribution costs, enabling them to pass savings on to retail stores and growers.

• Nanolux ballasts are programmed with “soft start” and “soft dimming” functions which help extend lamp life. Good for your pocket while reducing your energy cost all around.

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