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 Leaflocker™ Introduces New Child-Resistant Packaging For The Cannabis Industry: Raising the bar in safe & responsible packaging



Aurora, CO: LeafLockerTM has released an innovative new line of child-resistant and senior friendly packaging for the global cannabis market: The LeafLocker SlideBoxCR. This unique patent-pending design aims to become the standard-bearer of safe and responsible cannabis packaging, and is certified as child-safe and senior friendly per Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 16, Part 1700.

Evolving state regulations and federal scrutiny have made child-resistant packaging critical to successful branding of cannabis products. “Successful manufacturers of cannabis products understand the importance of associating their brand with a total commitment to safe and responsible consumption, and that starts with safe and responsible packaging,” said Andy Heins, LeafLocker Vice President of Sales & Marketing. Heins added “We all know that there are many advocacy groups and lawmakers looking for any reason to place stronger regulations or even a total prohibition on the industry. Cannabis companies must take every precaution to protect against accidental consumption and keep cannabis out of the hands of children. It just makes sense to utilize child-safe packaging for all cannabis products, even in state and local jurisdictions that have not yet implemented safe packaging regulations.”

LeafLocker utilizes a proprietary tear-resistant film on paperboard and a sliding/locking tray and sleeve assembly to prevent children from opening the box while still enabling senior-friendly access for adults. LeafLocker currently offers six standardized SlideBoxCR sizes with custom engineered inserts to secure most product types, including vaporizers, concentrates, joints, and edibles. The SlideBoxCR allows for easier fulfillment and lower labor costs for production, improved selling experience for dispensaries and budtenders, and a more premium unboxing experience for consumers. It also represents a more earth-friendly option for child-resistant packaging than many other alternatives.

Colorado-based WonderLeaf is one of the first brands to adopt the SlideBoxCR packaging. Patricia Noonan, WonderLeaf CEO, stated, “Child resistant packaging not only reduces waste by allowing us to forgo ancillary levels of packaging, but it assists WonderLeaf in its corporate values and our quest to ensure that our adult-use products never wind up in the hands of children.” When asked why LeafLocker was the child-resistant packaging of choice, she added, “We already had an award-winning package produced by LeafLocker and wanted to maintain that same look and feel of our premium packaging while achieving child resistance.”

LeafLocker’s custom printed boxes display beautifully on dispensary shelves due to high-definition printing quality and unique coatings and effects. Brands no longer must make the choice between using an attractive package for their product and a child resistant one.

About LeafLocker™ 

LeafLockerTM is based in Aurora, Colorado and has been manufacturing packaging for the cannabis industry since its inception. LeafLockerTM was created to meet the cannabis industry’s growing demand for premium branded, child-resistant retail packaging.

For more information, see the LeafLocker SlideboxCR Website at 


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