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Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate



Lemon Alien Dawg OR Concentrate 1
Test Results: THC 91%, CBD 1.83%


This concentrate hails from a proud lineage combining an Alien F1 female with a Lemon Kush male. The index is 60% indica and 40% sativa; great respect to the alchemists at Portland Extracts and the growers at HiFi Farms for providing us with this intense concentrate.


This shatter is a transparent amber color that thickens to a honey brown at the center, and light pinching at the edges causes it to chip and crack. Its surface is reminiscent of wet, sticky rock candy and this delicious look transposes to its flavor.

Therapeutic Effect

Waves of pain relief began for me in the head and torso, slowly extending throughout the entire body. The therapeutic applications extend far and wide, said to reduce muscle tension, nausea, and stress. PTSD patients may want to note onset is immediate and can be quite intense so enjoy in a safe, calm place.


The lemon tang is extremely pronounced in this product, delivering a mouth watering lemon drop like citrus burst. The pleasant sour tingle and minty freshness of this strain means less burn in the lungs, with a deliciously fruity smoke that’s thick and mild. A touch of honey lingers after enjoying.


Clean and invigorating are two words that come to mind, and lemon dominates the aroma with notes of honey, mint and raspberry. Fragrant and formidable cascades of citrus are sharp yet pleasant, and a complex layering of terpenes is notable. A great strain to challenge anyone who says they don’t like the smell of cannabis.


Experienced enthusiasts will find this concentrate satisfying, solid and strong. Newbees beware: this masterfully engineered super load of THC will hit hard if you’re not expecting it – or even when you are – approached with respect! An enormous boost in appetite was evident which compelled me to devour two separate dinners an hour after smoking.

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