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Taste the Lemon Remedy : Another Hit From Wam Oil

Quality Concentrates has teamed up with L.A. pop artist James Haunt for an exclusive line of XJ-13 shatter, featuring the most tasteful packaging I have…



Lemon Remedy Wam Oil

Test Results: 4.75% THC | 36% CBD  |  Tested By: Analytical 360

Lemon Remedy lives up to its name by mixing a potent CBD chill with a mild sativa buzz that had me feeling ready to meet whatever life had coming my way. Definitely the perfect strain for getting through a long and stressful day. Lemon Remedy’s soothing properties come from its parent strain, Cannatonic, which is highly sought after for its excellent daytime CBD high.

Lemon Remedy Wam Oil

The oil has a classic spicy cedar flavor I associate with CBD extracts, mixed with a very light citrus scent on the exhale. It’s clear and honey-colored, and locked in a well-designed metal cartridge, allowing for a smooth pull every time. |  Instagram: @wamoil | Provided by: Wam Oil

Available at: 

Freedom Cannabis: 12001 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133 | Diego Pellicer: 2215 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134


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