Lemon Stroopwafel: Sweet and Sour, Infused With Flower


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Lemon Stroopwafel by Dutch Girl

A small waffle with immense intoxicative effects? The future of edibles is officially here. Dutch Girl’s sativa-charged, lemon-flavored stroopwafel, based on the famous treat of the Netherlands, are sweet and citrusy, THC-infused miniature desserts as energizing as they are sedative —and all too tempting to eat! At roughly 10mg each, I was able to proportionately dose myself by eating just one and felt its day-brightening, uplifting effects within the hour. Soft, chewy and all-around pleasing to the senses while invoking a pleasant mood, Dutch Girl lemon stroopwafels are the perfect pick-me-up snack on a let-you-down kind of day.

Lemon Stroopwafel by Dutch Girl

Available At…

  1. Mynt – All Locations
  2. The Dispensary – All Locations
  3. Essence Cannabis – All Locations

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