Let the Cannabis Come to You

We Review Portland’s Finest Cannabis Delivery Systems

Some people live their lives to travel, enduring brain-bendingly agonizing existences as manual sewer cleaners, roadkill collectors or — god forbid — accountants! They work diligently for 50 weeks out of the year, awaiting two glorious weeks of paid vacation.

Maybe when you get home from work, you’re so dead-ass tired from the commute home that you don’t want to move from your couch, but you do want some fine sativa flower to get you through dinner. Or you want a nice 1:1 edible before bed to drift off to sleep, but do not want to have to run one more errand.

Cannabis delivery services to the rescue! But which to use?

“We’ve done the hard work of researching cannabis delivery services, so you don’t have to do anything except make some choices and await the knock on your door.”

We’ve done the hard work of researching cannabis delivery services, so you don’t have to do anything except make some choices and await the knock on your door, get up and answer, then close the door and lock it.

A few things to remember if you’re going to have cannabis delivered:

  • Cannabis delivery is only available to Portland residences within the city limits of Portland, either to a single-family home or an apartment. No hotels (sorry tourists), no dorms (sorry college students), no businesses (you should be working, anyway).
  • Limit of one delivery to one person per address per day.
  • Purchase limits are set at one ounce of flower, five ounces of concentrate and 16 ounces of edibles.
  • The 21+ person who orders must be the same person who accepts delivery, with a current photo ID.
  • OMMP patient orders are still tax-free. All patients need to do is upload a photo of their OMMP patient card to their online account or show their card to the delivery driver upon payment.
  • Most cannabis delivery services require a cash or check payment upon delivery while others accept Venmo, Paypal and CanPay Debit. CanPay Debit is a secure way of paying with your debit card via a secure third-party site. Sign up at canpaydebit.com.

Below we’ve outlined a few cannabis delivery service options to get you started on your journey. I have my favorite Deliver-e Company but try them for yourself and make up your mind, from the coziness of your couch.

Greenery | (971) 808-4977 | Instagram: @get.greenery | getgreenery.com

$30 minimum order including tax

Delivery Hours: 8AM – 8PM

Payment: Cash or Check

Why You’ll Love It: You can track your delivery driver in real time, giving you something to do while you wait on your couch! Who doesn’t love watching the Uber or Lyft driver make their way to you? Same thing, only in this scenario there’s a cannabis “happy ending” when the delivery car arrives.

Kush Cart | (971) 229-1281 | kushcartpdx.com

$25 minimum order before tax

Delivery Hours: 12PM – 9PM

Payment: Cash or CanPay

Why You’ll Love It: You can place an order ahead of time and request a later date and time for delivery if you so desire! Kush Cart’s services are super convenient for people with jam-packed schedules. Like me, I’ve got goats to walk and hay to throw and eggs to collect from the hens in the barn. I wake up at 3:58 in the morning with a list of stuff to do. Now I can order cannabis and cross that To-Do item off the list when I get up for real.

Rip City Delivery | (971) 261-8985 | Instagram @rip.city.delivery | ripcitydelivery.com

$40 minimum order before tax

Delivery Hours: 2PM – 9PM Mon-Fri | 10AM – 9PM Sat-Sun

Payment: Cash, Check or CanPay

Receipt is emailed and you get two texts with delivery updates

Why You’ll Love It: Delivery drivers arrive in unmarked cars to stump those nosy neighbors. Who doesn’t love making their neighbors wonder, “What the heck is going on over there?” Plus, on-demand fee-free deliveries arrive in 45-60 minutes.

The Deliver-e Winner is…

Green Box Delivery | (971) 263-1975 | Instagram: @greenbox_pdx | pdxgreenbox.com

$50 Minimum order

Delivery Hours: 10AM – 9PM Tue-Sun

Payment: Cash, Check, PayPal or Venmo

Why You’ll Love It: With Green Box Delivery your first order is 20 percent off, and you can customize your curated cannabis box! It’s amazing! Fill out your cannabis preferences in your online account; maybe you prefer to smoke flower, love chocolate, are anti-dairy, like Sativa and high CBD options. Adrian, Green Box owner and cannabis curator, will put together flower, topicals, edibles, extracts, concentrates, beverages and other mystery products according to your specific likes and dislikes all to be delivered to your doorstep. Plus, you can add-on anything you desire to your box at a discount! This is truly cannabis delivery on crack – in the “good crack” way.

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