Lick iT: Not Your Average Lollipop!


  • Test results: 10mg THC per lollipop
  • Tested by: Agricor Labs |
  • Instagram: @canyon_cultivation
  • Website:

Lick iT Lollipops by Canyon Cultivation

There’s something nostalgic about eating a lollipop. I always thought of them as a reward, either for getting a shot at the doctor’s office or waiting patiently at the bank while my mom spoke with a teller. Fast forward to adulthood — now you can reward yourself with a delicious, THC-infused lollipop for any occasion. What a time to be alive!

Lick iT suckers from Canyon Cultivation are delicious, discreet and pack just the right amount of cannabis punch. Their Sour Boysenberry flavor was the perfect way to medicate and indulge my sweet tooth after a vigorous hike; I loved the slight tartness and minimal cannabis taste. Other delicious Lick iT flavors from Canyon Cultivation include THC-infused Strawberry Lemonade and Sour Grape, and 1:1 THC:CBD Carmel Apple and Lavender Lemonade. All lollipops are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and 100 percent free of synthetic ingredients or petroleum distillates (like butane and propane) and contain CO2-extracted cannabis oil.

Lick iT Lollipops by Canyon Cultivation
Lick iT Lollipops by Canyon Cultivation

Available At…

All Native Roots locations

All The Green Solution locations

All Green Dragon locations

Melissa Joy

Melissa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where she couldn’t stay out of trouble for smoking weed--especially during college. Immediately after graduating with a business degree from Elmhurst College in 2012, Melissa made her way to the safe smoking haven of Colorado, where her love for live music and music blogging eventually led her to a part-time writing position with DOPE Magazine. Melissa enjoys medicating with indica-dominant hybrids, and will never say no to a big solventless glob. When she isn’t busy writing, Melissa loves spending her time in the mountains with friends, practicing her violin, and exploring the never-ending amounts of dank breweries and restaurants in Denver.

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