Lissa’s Tasty Treats

Bake Yourself At Home


  • Test Results: Chocolate Chip | 50mg THC per 200g package
  • Test Results: Peanut Butter | 50mg THC per 200g package
  • Test Results: Snickerdoodle | 25mg THC and 75mg CBD per 200g package
  • Tested By: Green Leaf Lab |
  • Instagram: @lissastastytreats
  • Website:

Bake Yourself At Home Cookies by Lissa’s Tasty Treats

Wearing my apron and nothing else, I was ready to bake myself to euphoria. I had three adorable tubs of cookie dough; chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and peanut butter, all infused with a highly concentrated CO2 amber extract containing both THC and CBD. Owing to my inability to make decisions, I decided to make all three. I was advised by the baking brains behind the recipes to beware of inhaling the scrumptious cookies and instead limited myself to just one bite of each mouthwatering cookie … and waited. I relaxed in a lawn chair in the sun trying to decide whether the peanut butteriness was better than the cinnamon-sugary topping of the snickerdoodle or the slight oatmeal munch of the chocolate chip. My all over body and brain high finally decided it didn’t matter what my favorite was, and that the important thing was — I could get baked while baking cookies! Fun and yum!

Bake Yourself at Home Cookies by Lissa’s Tasty Treats

Available At…

  1. Oregon Cannabis Company: 1977 Santiam Hwy SE, Albany, OR 97321
  2. Little Amsterdam Wellness Center: 7035 SW Macadam Ave., Portland, OR 97219
  3. Bahama Buds: 1415 N Bayshore Dr., Coos Bay, OR 97420