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Livwell Cares/Cannability/Amr Collaboration: Non-Profits Team Up to Help Patients in Need




Over the holiday season, LivWell Cares, CannAbility Foundation and the American Medical Refugees Foundation teamed up to bring medical cannabis to those in need for as little as legally possible. LivWell Cares is the philanthropic branch of the well-known cannabis company LivWell Enlightened Health that focuses on community engagement and outreach. By teaming up with these two patient oriented non-profits, they were able to reach thousands of people, supplying medicine at a time of year when finances can often be tight.

CannAbility is a nonprofit based here in Colorado that focuses on education, support for parents, and access to safe cannabis treatment for kids living with an illness or disability. American Medical Refugees is another amazing organization that is focused on helping medical cannabis patients and their families to relocate to states where they can consume legally.

Both CannAbility and AMR have made memorable changes in the cannabis climate over the past few years, and show no signs of slowing down. They will continue to bring cannabis to patients in need.

“We wanted to find a way to help provide patients and their families who are truly in need with some quality medicine at a time when they might need it the most.”

Katie Brown, a Colorado transplant, and participant in the penny ounce collaboration said this about her experience, “I’m very thankful for companies like LivWell Enlightened Health who recognize not all patients are able to gain access to the medicine they need, be it financial reasons, or being new to the state without a med card yet. Receiving a penny ounce was the best holiday gift I could imagine. Lower pain and the ability to have an appetite made the holidays a lot more enjoyable for me.”

Neal Levine, Senior Vice President of LivWell Enlightened Health echoed this sentiment. “We wanted to find a way to help provide patients and their families who are truly in need with some quality medicine at a time when they might need it the most.” He met the owners of both non-profits while all parties were campaigning against the potency cap last summer. Amendment 139, a proposal that failed to receive implementation, would have capped the potency of cannabis products at 16 percent THC.

For this promotion, patients received recreational ounces via a voucher from either organization per request; all they needed do is be a member with AMR or CannAbility, and bring the voucher to their local LivWell Enlightened Health dispensary to be redeemed for one of their high CBD strains. Through this promotion, just under eight thousand ounces were sold at the mere price of a penny.

Over Memorial Day in 2016, LivWell Enlightened Health partnered with another organization for their first “penny ounce promotion” and sold a little over eight thousand ounces at that time for a total of around 16,000 ounces of cannabis in 2016. “Pennying out” around 1.6 million dollars in product, these promotions benefited many medical cannabis patients from all over Colorado, and is a step in the right direction.


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