Lodi Dodi: Buzzy, Energetic Live Resin


  • Test Results: 67.54% THC
  • Tested by: SC Labs | sclabs.com
  • Produced by: SugarTop Buddery
  • Provided by: Echo Electuary
  • Instagram: @sugartop_buddery | @echoelectuary
  • Website: sugartopbuddery.com | echoelectuary.com

Lodi Dodi Live Resin by SugarTop Buddery & Echo Electuary

Lodi Dodi is a frozen live resin cultivated by SugarTop Buddery in Eugene, Oregon, and processed by Echo Electuary of Hillsboro, Oregon. Its lineage is a top-secret, signature strain created and kept by brother-sister team Anna and Jarrod Kaplan.

The Kaplan duo actively support community art and music in Eugene, and serendipitously, I tried Lodi Dodi on the evening of a First Thursday art gallery tour. I felt a warm buzz, a keen awareness of my surroundings and zero anxiety—perfect for opening myself up to live music on the street and artistic internalization within the galleries. I may have done some dancing in the street along the way.

Lodi Dodi Live Resin by SugarTop Buddery & Echo Electuary
Lodi Dodi Live Resin by SugarTop Buddery & Echo Electuary

Experience aside, the only thing I love more than  Echo Electuary’s educational focus (they list the Top 5 Terpenes for each product on the packaging) is their commitment to bees! The company donates three percent of its annual profits to preserving and restoring native bee habitats—that’s certainly something to buzz about while being buzzed.

Available At…..

  1. Natural Wonders: 1402 SE Cesar E Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97214
  2. Fireside Dispensary: 4149 S Pacific Hwy A, Medford, OR 97501
  3. The Vth LMNT: 63552 N Hwy 97, Bend, OR 97701

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