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Lori’s Potato Chips: Classic Snacks With a Twist



Lori's Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs

Lori’s Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs

Lori’s Potato Chips hit in the same way that I devoured them: in short, quick bursts. As chip after chip entered my digestive system, the psychotropic effects of the THC-infused edibles came in pleasant pops. These Craft Elixirs originals are available in myriad flavors, each with little-to-no weed taste, including dessert-worthy Sweet Potato, aromatic Roasted Garlic and classic Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper varieties.

Lori’s thin-cut, happily greasy snacks are great for the movies, a train ride or relaxing in front of your television for anywhere from five to 17 hours. When the effects of the THC found me, I noticed a heady buzzing sensation rich in effervescent quality that pushed me to explore my creative curiosities … as well as eat more of Lori’s chips.

Lori's Potato Chips by Craft Elixirs

Available At…

  1. Origins Cannabis: 4800 40th Ave SW., Seattle, WA 98116
  2. Recreational Cannabis: 3831 Stone Way N., Seattle, WA 98103
  3. Ganja Goddess: 3207 1st Ave S., Seattle, WA 98134


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