Los Sueños​​ Farms: Not Your Typical Colorado Cannabis Garden

Excitement built as we made our way down south from Denver to Pueblo knowing that we were about to tour the largest licensed cannabis grow in the nation. The Los Sueños Farms crew had warned us prior that we’d smell the facility before we saw it and oh boy, were they right! After being checked in through the high-class security system we quickly made our way over to one of the many small buildings on site at Los Sueños. Camille DeGabrielle, the farms Marketing Director, and Ketch DeGabrielle, the Director of Operations, both gave us a warm welcome along with a breakdown of exactly what happens here at the beautiful Los Sueños Farm.

Cannabis Plants at Los Sueños Farms

Ketch informed us that there are actually four separate individual licenses of which each have both outdoor field space for growing as well as a greenhouse. Greenhouses allow Los Sueños to harvest more than once yearly beyond the typical autumn harvest season. During the 2016 autumn crop there were more than 21,600 plants harvested, with around 55 different strains in the mix. Los Sueños uses all organic practices with much help from the beaming Pueblo sun (it was nearly 90 in October) and best of all, no pesticides!

Our late October visit was welcomed by a harvest season in full swing. I soon caught onto what all of the other buildings scattered throughout the property were for: harvesting, drying, trimming, curing and storage of course! We walked through the massive, dark warehouses surrounded by thousands of huge hanging cannabis plants. Truly weed heaven. I was overwhelmed by the size of the plants and the variation in appearance and smell. Camille and Ketch kindly lead us to the trimming building where we got to experience the amazing machine Ketch had a part in designing and creating. The machine easily separates trimmed buds from the actual trim seperating them into their own separate buckets—a large-scale marijuana cultivators dream!

Cannabis Plants at Los Sueños Farms

So where and how do they store all of their wholesale cannabis? The storage process reminded me of barreled wine in the aging process. The cannabis is first cured then barreled and placed upon racks nearly two stories high. The LSF workers take much care during this process making sure to “burp” the containers when necessary to keep the quality on par. The cannabis that you find at Los Sueños is typically bought from licensed Colorado edible and concentrate

companies that create amazing infused products from the flower and trim. With strains ranging from Strawberry Cough to Indiana Bubblegum they have options galore! I left so happy knowing a place like Los Sueños Farms exists here in Colorado.

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