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Low Dose Edibles: Packing a Controlled Punch



Two hours in, after “I only had a little bit,” the paranoia set in. Then came the cold sweats, followed by nausea. All I want- ed was for it to stop. Boy am I glad no one called 911 that day, though the thought did cross my mind.Gone are the days of unmeasured backyard brownies. Parents, professionals and patients are seeking ways to reap the bene ts of cannabis, without the intense psychoactive effects typically associat- ed with edibles. These 7 brands are proving how micro-dosed edibles can help to increase creativity, improve mood and relieve symptoms of illness—all while working, or taking care of a family!

KIVA PETRA MINTS: MORROCAN MINT (CA) Precisely-dosed mints with Green Tea Matcha and peppermint extract. Each mint is 2.5 mg, allowing you to easily integrate dosing into your daily routine. And they’re sugar-free, so you can dose without guilt!

A cute twist and spray atomizer that comes in pink or black and three avors. Each 15 ml insert contains 80 mg of whole-plant infused alcohol tincture. With sublingual sprays at approx. 1 mg each, it ensures easy titration when dosing. It’s purse/pocket- friendly, discreet and re llable!

Inspired by Mom, these chocolate chip cookies make sure you Know Your Dose, as each one is 5 mg. They come in single packs or re- sealable bags of 8, 10 and 20 cookies. 10 and 25 mg cookies are also available. Learn more about the inspiration behind Dr. Norm’s at

STILLWATER TEA PACKETS: GENTLE GREEN TEA (CO) Derived from the Darjeeling region of India, this Gentle Green Tea is lightly caffeinated and only 2.5 mg per serving. It’s calorie-free and the dosing is set, so you can steep to taste without worry. Boost energy and drink up in peace.

SWEET GRASS KITCHEN: BUTTERMELTS IN LEMON 2.5 MG (CO) The lemon butter melts in your mouth 2.5 mg at a time. 20 servings to a jar makes it easy to pop them on the go as needed. Sweet Grass cultivated in-house makes this a crop-to-table product!

KIVA TERRA BITES: ESPRESSO (CA) Each bite is 5 mg of an indica/sativa blend, crafted from micro- roasted Tanzanian coffee beans, then coated in KIVA Dark Chocolate. The reusable container holds 24 bites, making it easy and delicious to micro-dose throughout the day.

MR. MOXEY’S MINTS: GINGER (CBD + THC) (WA) Tasty ginger mints with 5 mg of CBD and 1 mg of THC are packaged in a convenient tin, making them the perfect travel companion. They’re low calorie and low dose—that’s a win win! Mr. Moxey makes them in Peppermint and Cinnamon, too.


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