Mac 1: My Number One for Entertaining


  • Test Results: 26.68 % THC | .05% CBD
  • Tested By: ChemHistory |
  • Instagram: @wickedkind
  • Website:

Mac 1 by Wicked Kind

This month we’re celebrating all things entertainment, but let’s not forget Valentine’s Day! What better way to entertain your Valentine than enjoying a little Mac 1 while listening to some sexy Mac Miller tunes?

Wicked Kind provided me with a tour of their farm to see their lovely ladies up close and personal, and Mac 1 resembles an otherworldly, anemone-like creature with sticky fur and yellow tendrils reaching skyward. When dried, the flower remains an exotically gorgeous nugget. The aroma is heavy and velvety, alluring to the senses, and quickly morphs into an apple citrus smoking companion. The high is smooth and intense, while coming down is like the end of a massage.

Mac 1 by Wicked Kind

Available At…

  1. Nectar – Sandy: 3350 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97232
  2. Tokyo Starfish: 542 NW Arizona Ave., Bend, OR 97701
  3. Five Zero Trees: 1169 Commercial St., Astoria, OR 97103

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