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MAC: An Uplifting Strain For Down Days



MAC by Superior Farms

MAC by Superior Farms

This aroma is gonna get you. Smelling of citrus from a pine tree felled by a gas-powered chain saw, these frosty green buds, freckled with orange and purple hues, have an incense-like quality. Upon grinding, MAC releases an aromatic bouquet of a recently emptied fruit basket in a freshly cleaned auto shop break room. Its gassy exhale shifted my mind into a higher gear. Effects started as an uplifting headband, with a slight eye awareness that centered on my forehead. I was relaxed — but not couch locked — and felt like cozying up with a good book.

MAC by Superior Farms

Available At…

  1. The Superior Dispensary: 211 South 57th Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85043


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