Editor’s Choice: Maïtri Smoke Accessories

Simple, Elegant Pieces for the Refined Consumer


  • English Bhaktï Rolling Tray- $115
  • Prana Salt and Pepper One Hitter- $110
  • Karuna Stash Jars- $85
  • Veda Black Pipe- $70
  • Maïtri Card Game - $35.00
  • Available at: staymaitri.com
  • Facebook: @staymaitri
  • Instagram: @staymaitri

Maïtrimeans benevolence,loving kindness and friendliness in the Buddhist faith, as well as in Hinduism and Jainism. Phil Dépault, co-founder of Maitrileaf, dedicates much of his time to yoga; it wasn’t until his physical condition plummeted, however, that he discovered the connection between cannabis and maïtri. As he revealed to the Direct Cannabis Network, Dépault suffers from “fibromyalgia, chronic pain, irritable bowel syndrome [and a] sleep disorder.” After being prescribed cannabis to treat his symptoms, Dépault’s life trajectory dramatically changed. He set out to create a line of cannabis accessories “designed to be sober, simple, with noble materials and handmade in Canada.”

Maïtri products are sleek, functional and showcase excellent craftsmanship. Ceramists mold each pipe, and cabinet makers engineer and finish each piece by hand for a refined, polished look. I personally love the Karuna Stash Jars, which you can write on with chalk to keep your strains straight. If you have the capital to invest in these impressive accessories, the Maïtri collection is the perfect addition to a chic coffee table display, complete with a card game perfect for an evening smoke sesh.

Luna Reyna

Luna Reyna believes in the power of journalistic activism and social responsibility. As a writer with DOPE, she tackles many social justice topics that often do not receive the coverage they deserve within the cannabis industry, as well as issues of inclusivity regarding race, gender, class and sexual orientation. Luna is also the Managing Editor for BARE Magazine, a quarterly lifestyle magazine whose motto is, "culture without censorship." She is also the founder of RIZE Entertainment, an art, entertainment and culture company that focuses solely on artists who challenge injustice and champion equality through their art.

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