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Making Buds At Budco: An Inner City Grow




In an unassuming three story building adjacent to a bar and a Mexican restaurant is BudCo. A Tier II grow in Spokane that actually has been permitted for up to 12,500 feet thanks to an expansion that used to be available to producer/processors. BudCo was started in 2016 and has been steadily growing ever since. We were met at the entrance by Josh Neumeier, the Operations Manager. After making our way through the office we were greeted by bright lights, lush greens and sweet smells.

Weaving between row upon row of lush cannabis vegetation, Josh gave me the rundown on BudCo. It is family owned and operated with a small staff of only 15. Josh said it took quite a while to put together the right staff. Now that they have, improvement and growth are happening quickly. According to Josh, “It takes a team to make the dream.” It was true when Josh was managing bars, and it is just as true for a cannabis grow. They started in a much smaller space and have been growing as the demand for their flower exceeds their current ability to produce it.

Starting with 59 strains, the BudCo team has narrowed their selection down to 14 strains and plans to get down to 10. They continually hunt for and sequester the best genetics in their library. Some of the strains they are proudest of are Dark Side of the Moon, Fix it Felix, The Kush and Space Helicopter.

BudCo is set up with 2 main grow rooms, vegetative and flower. Although an additional grow room is in the process of being built out, it’s currently used for skateboarding breaks. Their plants are grown in a mix of coco and soil. They had tried both individually but found mixing them gave them the best of both worlds.

Watering, trimming and harvesting are all done by hand. They flush for a solid ten days before harvesting. After harvesting, the buds are hung to dry for one week and cured for two weeks.

The final product was everything I thought it would be; a superb example of Spokane’s finest.


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