Mammoth Labs: From Farm to Concentrate

Mammoth Labs – Ellensburg, WA

Andy Aversano, co-owner and head of operations for Ellensburg, Washington’s Mammoth Labs, first started growing cannabis in a closet. At the time, he was working as a personal trainer but needed an extra $2,500 for a dental operation. To earn the money, he began selling the flower he grew to medical dispensaries. A few years later, after growing his business’ footprint, he opened up the farm with his brother, appropriately named Grow Bros, and began making concentrates with Mammoth. This year, Aversano grew flower on his 30,000-square-foot farm, the largest yield of his young career. Oh, and he did get that much-needed dental operation.

Mammoth Labs - Ellensburg, WA

The Place

Aversano and company received their first grow permit in 2015. In August of that year, the operation harvested their first 150 plants. But things really got going in 2017 and 2018, and Aversano’s group has been rolling since. The 40-acre farm, which Aversano started in Ellensburg, constantly deals with the town’s heavy winds, which can blow between 20-55 miles per hour. Yet after harvesting their latest batch this fall, the group will “blast” their largest yield to date and turn it into the concentrates for which they’ve become renowned. Mammoth, which grows essentially 100% outdoor flower, chose to produce concentrates after watching the price of raw plants plummet. The business, while still in its infant stages, hired a professional chemist — a student at the time — and has been producing high-quality dab products ever since.

Mammoth Labs - Ellensburg, WA

The Product

Some of their most popular products include sugar wax, shatter and crumble, all of which make for perfect dab sessions. But Mammoth’s most intriguing product is their pre-rolled Mammoth joint, which includes two pockets of concentrates. “Most joints I ever smoked in the recreational market were terrible,” Aversano maintains. “Just gross. I never liked them. So I wanted to put out a joint I personally would smoke.” At home, he says, he would add crumble or sugar wax to the joints he smoked, and one day he thought, “We should sell these!” They’re the perfect post-work day treat, he declares. And the joints, which are made with the small-batch, indoor flower his farm produces, contain nugs, not trim. “It’s the joint that gets the whole crew high after work!” he happily remarks.

Mammoth Labs - Ellensburg, WA

“Most joints I ever smoked in the recreational market were terrible … Just gross. I never liked them. So I wanted to put out a joint I personally would smoke.” – Andy Aversano, Mammoth Labs co-owner and head of operations

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