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Maroon 5 Music Video Calls for the End to the War on Marijuana



Maroon 5’s new video for the single “Nobody’s Love” tackles the insurmountable damage caused by the “War on Marijuana” due to cannabis-related arrests—in a not-so-subtle way. It’s the group’s first new music video since last year’s release of “Memories.”

Rolling Stone reports that the video was shot in Los Angeles, California on an iPhone by director David Dobkin. Singer Adam Levine stars in the video and sits next to a pile of freshly ground-up cannabis on a table. As the song progresses, Levine (expertly) rolls up a spliff and smokes it.

Then—distancing itself from other celebrity cannabis endorsements and messages—the video pivots to the grassroots side of activism.

Calling it the “War on Marijuana,” the message focuses on the cannabis plant in particular, with a full-screen quote from the ACLU. 

“It’s time to end the War on Marijuana,” a representative of ACLU is quoted in text in the video. “The aggressive enforcement of marijuana possession laws needlessly ensnares hundreds of thousands of people into the criminal justice system and wastes billions of taxpayers’ dollars,” the quote reads. “What’s more, it is carried out with staggering racial bias. Despite being a priority for police departments, the War on Marijuana has failed to reduce marijuana use and availability and diverted resources that could be better invested in our communities.”

Levine has admittedly smoked cannabis for decades—saying in 2007 that he avoids cannabis onstage, instead opting for a clear mind while performing.

Maroon 5’s bassist Mickey Madden announced a leave of absence from the band following his recent arrest. Like most other bands, Maroon 5 was forced to cancel and delay an extensive touring schedule in the wake of COVID-19. But a new revised tour kicked off last July 15 at Island Credit Union Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, California.



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