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Marvina Thomas: Nurse By Trade Still Healing Others



Marvina Thomas: Nurse By Trade Still Healing Others

Marvina Thomas has always been about people. From her nursing start in California and her Start Living Recovery Homes (SLRH) here in Arizona, Thomas excels at helping others become their best selves. Her experience with SLRH, an opiate recovery home for men and women now run by her husband, was the catalyst behind her entry into the Arizona cannabis industry. In 2013, she gave a recovering resident her original Vina Soaps to help cure a facial infection.

“One of my girls came in, and the first layer of her skin was burnt off because of a pipe that blew up … she had bacteria all over her face, green and yellowish colors,” Thomas remembers. “I gave her soap, told her it was going to burn because it’s killing that bacteria. Within a week, you could see the difference. Within three weeks her face was coming out, and not just coming back, but back with a beautiful glow.”

Marvina Thomas: Nurse By Trade Still Healing Others

Research led her to fully understanding the benefits of both CBD and THC and she knew she had to get into cannabis, pledging to use 50 percent of 420 SkinCare’s proceeds to help fund SLRH. She called up Parisa Rad, aka The Marijuana Momma, who bought her to a Scottsdale Women Grow meeting and then a Women Grow Colorado conference. She subsequently saw a need for another chapter after the Scottsdale group slowly dissolved. Since taking on a co-leadership role in Women Grow Phoenix with Rad in 2017, Thomas has emerged as a mentor. “My goal is to help those that want the help, those trying to get into the industry,” Thomas notes.

“I made so many mistakes, I’m learning from my mistakes … [I’m] trying to stay focused, trying to reach the top. I just want to be me.” – Marvina Thomas, 420 SkinCare founder

Thomas has since expanded her infused soap line into more than 100 edible and topical products, along with women-focused Vina’s Vapes and a CBD-rich strain bred to help Rad’s visually impaired and special needs daughter, Yazy. Even with her busy schedule, Thomas often still makes her own products. She is planning on taking a vacation after she buys and renovates a downtown Phoenix building as a home for more cannabis events, but that may be years away, and Thomas knows she’s still got a ways to go. “I made so many mistakes; I’m learning from my mistakes,” Thomas reveals. “[I’m] trying to stay focused, trying to reach the top. I just want to be me.”


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