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May The 4th Be With You: The Empire Strikes Match at Star Wars-Themed Cannabis Party

When I heard about a Star Wars-themed patient appreciation day in San Ysidro, I was admittedly a little hesitant. I live in North County San Diego, which is a 55 mile drive from the event…



When I heard about a Star Wars-themed patient appreciation day in San Ysidro, I was admittedly a little hesitant. I live in North County San Diego, which is a 55 mile drive from the event. It would take me an hour in no traffic, and substantially more than that in any kind of traffic—which was likely, as the event was set to start at 6. Nevertheless, I knew I needed to visit my first licensed dispensary in San Diego, and meet with some of the local companies who would be there to chat with patients.

I cannot express how happy I am that I went to this event. First of all, the dispensary, Southwest Patient Group, was lovely. Parking was a breeze and security was friendly, yet effective. A seamless check-in process involved filling out forms on an iPad (yay technology!), and a quick tour from one of the budtenders left me ready to explore! I immediately headed over to the display tables, which featured three fabulous vendors: Jetty Extracts, along with two collaborative companies: MindTricks and Jetty Sushi, each using Jetty Extracts oil in their products. The displays featured all sorts of awesome Star Wars memorabilia. Even the giveaway boxes had Stormtroopers on them!

MindTricks started out as a San Diego-based candy company, Sweetbricks, before teaming up with Jetty Extracts to make cannabis-infused toffee. The toffee is skillfully woven into their various candy flavors, including Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cookies N Cream and my personal favorite, Bonfire S’mores. The S’mores bar was absolutely delicious. Crispy graham cracker covered with toffee and marshmallow, with a luxurious milk chocolate on top, sprinkled with smoked sea salt. I could have eaten an entire bag of these by myself, so it was a good thing the samples they served were unmedicated.

Jetty Sushi is run by two friends, Brandon and Daniel, who have a passion for making sushi. I ran into them at the Emerald Exchange in Malibu back in March, but didn’t get to sample their incredible infused sushi! They remedied that at the Southwest Patient Group event, and I got to try a California hand roll featuring their infused vegan mayo crab salad. They were the best sushi rolls I’ve had in recent memory, and at 10mg per roll (which can be customized for specific events), I felt pleasantly buzzed, but not stoned, after about an hour.

Jetty Extracts has some fantastic products made from the CO2-extracted oil, including vape cartridges and even a “dablicator,” which has high-potency THC oil that can be dabbed directly onto a rig, or can be used to enhance joints and blunts. The coolest thing about Jetty Extracts is their Shelter Project, which I learned about after picking up a flyer on the table that read “One for you, one for cancer,” and asking Regional Director Alexis to explain the program. For every wholesale cartridge of oil that’s purchased, Jetty Extracts donates one cartridge to their Shelter Project, which provides free medicine to any medical patient in California who is battling cancer. I love companies who are dedicated to their patients, and this project is a really beautiful way of giving back to the community.
How did you celebrate your Star Wars holiday last week? Tell me everything!


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