Meat Breath #2: Hearty Strain Dripping with Relaxation


  • Test Results: 24.79% THC
  • Tested by: C4 Labs |
  • Instagram: IG: @potentplanet

Meat Breath #2 by Potent Planet

Meat Breath #2, a Meatloaf and Mendo Breath cross from Potent Planet, reminds me of dark forest camouflage in a tightly-packed sparkling bud. The flower smells of peppery tomatoes, with hints of musk, spicy pine and acid. Meat Breath #2 tasted spicy upfront, like cool pine on the tongue, and meaty tomato down the throat.

When vaped, the high started right behind the eyes with a dripping relaxation that seemed to slow down time as it made its way into my shoulders. When burned, it gave a pleasant head lift that induced giggles; the rich terpenes made my eyes comfortably watery, which led to a satisfying night’s sleep.

Meat Breath #2 by Potent Planet

Available At…

  1. The Mint Dispensary: 5210 S Priest Dr., Guadalupe, AZ 85283
  2. Emerald Dispensary – All Locations

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