Medical Monday: Cannabis Science Conference Comes to Portland

Cannabis Science Conference Comes to Portland

Exploring the world of cannabis science can be a daunting task to undertake. From the medicinal integration to the testing industry, questions abound alongside few quality resources available to provide answers. Thankfully, the Cannabis Science Conference is taking the lead on these exciting and emerging facets of the cannabis conversation—and inviting everyone from experts to novices to join in.

Held in Portland on October 5 and 6, the CSC is bringing a wide range of exhibits and keynote speakers to the Red Lion Hotel on the River Jantzen Beach. Speakers including Gordon Fagras of Trace Analytics, and Tracy Ryan from CannaKids will be on hand bringing presentations with some of the most cutting-edge research, as well as their real world experiences that’ve elevated their perspectives.

Interested in attending? You are highly encouraged and can find more information at


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