Medical Monday: Caviar Gold Donates

Working with the medical cannabis community has always been a strong component of the Caviar Gold ethos. What began as a mission to provide any terminally ill patients with free medicine has now transitioned to direct donations to the American Cancer Society.

When the recreational cannabis market rolled out in Washington state, many regulatory mandates followed. This meant no more free access to medical cannabis, new tax structures, etc. Finding a way to reach out to patients again became a huge goal for Scott Mckinley and the Caviar Gold team, resulting in the idea of donating 5% of gross sales to the American Cancer Society. While regulations may prohibit an official partnership between the two, the intent is evident and well on its way to its first official donation—estimated to be in the $5,000 range.

Caviar Gold products now feature a third party logo indicating the donation that will be made following your purchase. Knowing how easy it is to spend $100 in a recreational store in Washington state–and that five dollars of that could be going to the American Cancer Society—is a fine incentive to choose the products of companies such as Caviar Gold.

Caviar Gold is encouraging more cannabis companies to participate in this movement. As Mckinley noted, “If we can get 50 brands doing it we can play a part in finding a real end to the suffering of cancer.”

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