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Medical Monday: OM Edibles And Topicals



Medical Monday: OM Edibles And Topicals

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space height=”40px”][vc_column_text]The ladies at Om Edibles have done it again. We fell in love with their CBD Sipping Cacao and we brought them back just in time for Mother’s Day to talk self-care, relaxation, and bathing with THC.

“A lot of women don’t get enough time for self-care. I think human beings don’t,” said Maya, of Om Edibles. Taking a bath is already an act of self-care, but the inspirational ladies at Om Edibles have taken relaxing baths one step higher. By mixing THC with other nourishing ingredients such as Epsom salts, Argan oil, therapeutic grade essential oils, and Himalayan salt, Om Edibles has made products that nourish body and soul.

The quality of ingredients matters even more in a bath because they are being absorbed by the body’s largest organ, your skin. Many mainstream bath products use harmful chemicals to make their product a certain color or fizz longer. Medicated THC baths deserve a category of their own—they are not edibles or topicals, they are not psychoactive, but are still extremely powerful. Om Edibles believes medicated baths are for everyone, and they are committed to making health-conscious products ranging from floral and fragrance-free, to deep forest pine scented.

“If you have a seat at our table, you better be bringing something, or else move over and let’s get something better in there.” -Maya, Om Edibles

Maya, one of the creative brains behind Om Edibles, explained that cannabis is a super-plant capable of medicating the body both inside and out. THC as a topical is indeed super: it is an analgesic. It helps relieve pain, is antimicrobial (kills harmful microbes), an antispasmodic (reduces twitches and muscle cramps), and an anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling). In addition, THC’s antibacterial properties have been known to kill drug-resistant staph bacteria.

My favorite Om Edibles topical was their Lavender body oil. I like to use it as lotion, putting it on my face and hands right before bed. The lavender scent calms the nervous system and the mixture of THC and Argan Oils leaves my skin feeling nourished and soft for days after.

My mother, who is 64, is a big fan of the Rose Geranium Epsom salts. She loves the health benefits of the magnesium and trace minerals so much that she has made her medicated foot soak a bedtime routine. The THC oil makes her feet feel, “pampered, soft, and nourished.” Om Edibles gives her an opportunity to pause, relax, and appreciate her feet for all that they have done that day. Thanks to Om Edibles for making this Mother’s Day gift a no-brainer!

Om Edibles is an all-female cannabis collective, turning their organic sun-grown Northern California flowers into amazing medicine. Keep an eye on these inspirational ladies, they have more great products in the works.

Maya’s Guide To True Relaxation:

  • Cozy up to a cup of Om Edible’s CBD sipping cacao. Mix with half hot water and half hemp milk.
  • Get a medicated massage with one of the four medicated body oils (Maya recommends Rose Geranium). Wellness bonus: your masseuse will also feel the benefits of a medicated massage—THC oil staves off stiff and achy hands.
  • After the massage, head to the tub. Soak with either a medicated bath fizzer or medicated Epsom salts. Feeling extra luxurious? Combine bath products (Maya likes to use a medicated bath fizzer with the Lavender Epsom salts).
  • Accompany your medicated bath with a joint, while listening to the music of your choice.
  • Enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. No need to apply lotion at bedtime, the THC oil works as a moisturizer for skin and hair. Wear it to bed and wake up with soft smooth skin.

“After going through multiple injuries, birthing a child, and being the main source for a human, my mind and body need self-care. I have relied on medical cannabis to help with pain, muscle tension, relaxation, and as a sleep aid. I have never experienced a more relaxed, tension free, and nourishing way of medication than the Om Edibles bath salts and fizz. -Katy V., mother of a four-year-old


  • Medicated Epsom Salts –$12
    • Offered in: Lemon Ginger & Eucalyptus, Fragrance Free/Sensitive Skin, Lavender, Rose Geranium, and Athletic Formula
  • Medicated Bath Fizzer–$14
    • Offered in: Lavender, Oatmeal, Honey Calendula, Deep Forest Pine, Creamy Neroli, Rose Geranium
  • Medicated Body Oil–$36
    • Offered in Lavender, Rose Geranium, Musk and Fragrance Free

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