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Meet GroBox. They just launched an All-In-One Home Grow System on Kickstarter.



GroBox One is an indoor hydroponics greenhouse that allows owners to grow whatever they wish.

GroBox LLC does not claim GroBox One has capabilities to grow cannabis. It is NOT advertised for cannabis as the federal law limits GroBox LLC from advertising and banking.

Any reference or correlation to cannabis is from third party observations.

Yes, it’s fun to brew our own craft beer.

It’s also fun to grow our own weed.

The fact is, we’re making a lot of progress toward getting rid of this new era of prohibition. With progress, comes potential side effects.

The current movement is NET positive.

  • It allows the freedom of choice we are promised.
  • Drug cartels lose significant portions of their sales.
  • The weed we inhale directly or indirectly (our friends, family, children, dogs..) will finally be tested for mold and pesticides as it should be. Who knows what else we’ve been smoking…

These are the side effects we should be aware of:

Tobacco companies and big corps like Monsanto are moving into the cannabis space.

  • Big tobacco has made cigarettes more addictive and harmful than ever. Let’s not let them do this to cannabis.
  • Monsanto has literally bred out nutrition from our food and ruined the environment to optimize yield and aesthetics of the food we eat.
  • Rising cost. Cannabis prices are expected to DOUBLE within five years as there are more than three layers of taxation including permits and regulation from growing to distribution to dispensaries…
  • MORE regulation around access and use. Yes, when it’s legalized, there will be MORE regulation.

29 states PLUS Washington D.C. have passed laws that (supposedly) allow medical users to access cannabis.

BUT do residents of legal states actually have access? Not always.

Legal states like Florida have “legalized” cannabis but are passing bills to BAN SMOKING WEED AND artificially cap the number of dispensaries further preventing access.

Doesn’t make sense, does it?

That’s why there is a wave of innovation in Home Growing.

Just like home brewing, companies are now creating tools for first time growers like you and me to grow what we want when we want.

Here’s the GroBox

Although advertised for air filtering plants and food, GroBox One seems to have all the capabilities to grow cannabis as well. So ANYONE can have access and the knowledge of EXACTLY what is going into their plants.

GroBox One team says they want to be setting the trend in making home growing the norm.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

We can’t always control the future but we can control the role that it plays in our lives.

Giant corporate cannabis takeover or not, we can take control of how we’re growing and what goes into our plants when we grow them ourselves.

What if future generations viewed growing their own plants and food as the norm?

No more factory grown genetically modified products that hurt our health and damage our environment.

No nicotine or harmful chemicals in cannabis because you’re growing it yourself, every step of the way.

Here’s an opportunity to take back the power of growing what you consume into your own plants.

Because of the high medicinal value of cannabis coupled with limited access to medical cannabis, even in legal states, patients are already finding ways to propagate their very own.


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