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Jack-O’-Lantern Live Resin: Getting Lit with MPX



Jack-O'-Lantern Live Resin by Melting Point Extracts

Jack-O’-Lantern Live Resin by Melting Point Extracts

A smile spreads across my face as I pull Melting Point Extracts’ exclusive Jack-O’-Lantern Live Resin — a hybrid cross between Dark Knight and Jack Flash — from its impressive packaging. I give its lid a twist and release an explosive skunky sweet aroma that pours from a pool of syrupy jewels. I portion out a glistening crystal as my rig comes to temp, drop it in and fill my lungs with a plume of tropical vapor tasting of lime, pineapple and cotton candy.

I feel a sudden rush as a wave of relief crashes into me and ripples through my system at lightning speed. My body hums from head to toe as the world melts away, carrying me far from my pain, stress and anxiety. Everything slows down. I’m glued to my seat, and for a while I can’t move a muscle. A few hours later, reality begins to shift back into focus. My brain and body buzz with a euphoric relaxation. Jack-O’-Lantern presents a potent, full-spectrum experience that can only be described as immersive.

Jack-O'-Lantern Live Resin by Melting Point Extracts

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