Mendo Mountain Purps Concentrate

Mendo Mountain Purps Concentrate from Green Barn Farms

Stoned Like A Mountain

Test Result: 71.4% THC | Tested by: Peak Analytics

Of the strains that have come from Mendocino County the purps has to be one of the most popular and famous. From Green Barn Farms, this concentrate’s reputation should fair the same with long time fans as well as new comers. The aroma and taste of the Mendo Mountain Purps hit the mark with grape and citrus notes respectively, while the effects are a mix of a classically-calming and ‘stoney’ indica. Best used at the end of the night for a smooth drift into dream-land.


Stoney, citrus-driven indica.

Appetite stimulant.

Awesome after-work smoke.

Mendo Mountain Purps from Green Barn Farms

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