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Micro Vaped Nectar Collector: Medicate like a Hummingbird Spy



MICRO VAPED NECTAR COLLECTOR: Medicate like a Hummingbird Spy 1

The founders of Vaped and Nectar Collector met in Denver at Champs Trade Show 2014. They immediately collaborated and had their first kits ready for Las Vegas’ Champs. Since then the kit has undergone a few upgrades.

The latest version comes with a V2 titanium tip. The upgraded V4 battery attachment offers six heat settings, a 30 second hit limit, a dual coil quartz bucket and airflow control. The new stealthy battery resembles an ink pen, has a Vaped standard compatible collar thread and a mouthpiece resembling the pen’s tip. It has three different modes: Nectar Collector – butane or vape (Switch Hit Technology™) and vape pen.

This kit is a favorite of the DOPE Magazine team. It delivers direct rich, flavorful vapor as well as genuine portable high temp dabs, which has helped tend to an immediate pain and nausea condition of one of our staff members.


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