Midnite: A Good-Natured Indica Hybrid


  • Test Results: 25.68% THC
  • Tested by: Nordic Analytical Laboratories | nordicanalytic.com
  • Instagram: @kayacannabis
  • Website: kayacannabis.com

Midnite by Kaya Cannabis

Kaya Cannabis is a small business-minded company, boasting beautiful buds and a big heart, a locally owned and operated dispensary that produces small-batch, hand-processed flower. They’re also an integral part of their community, donating a percentage of each purchase to a local nonprofit.

Kaya Cannabis’ Midnite strain is a tranquilizing cross between Chem #4 and Bubba Kush (name a better duo, I’ll wait). The bud structure is reminiscent of its Chem #4 lineage, while its aroma, flavor and effect lean on the Bubba Kush side. A sweet and earthy aroma teases your nose, while a creamy yet citrusy flavor tantalizes your taste buds. Expect a wave of relaxation to hit your body and a sedating yet euphoric sensation for your mind. Midnite is the perfect way to treat yourself and unwind at the end of a long day.

Midnite by Kaya Cannabis

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Melissa Joy

Melissa was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, where she couldn’t stay out of trouble for smoking weed--especially during college. Immediately after graduating with a business degree from Elmhurst College in 2012, Melissa made her way to the safe smoking haven of Colorado, where her love for live music and music blogging eventually led her to a part-time writing position with DOPE Magazine. Melissa enjoys medicating with indica-dominant hybrids, and will never say no to a big solventless glob. When she isn’t busy writing, Melissa loves spending her time in the mountains with friends, practicing her violin, and exploring the never-ending amounts of dank breweries and restaurants in Denver.

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