Mighty Matt: The Marijuana-MMA Merger

When did the sports created in our backyards become such a corporate shit show? Athletes have become just another commodity for the all-too-cocky sports managers and marketers to get rich off of. We’ve all seen the guy—the suited-up big talker, boisterously bragging about his endless contacts and overflowing bank accounts. He’s the dude no one wants to know, but somehow holds the key to a kingdom of top athletes. Thankfully, the Jerry Maguire-esque sports agent cliché is rapidly fading, as well as the antiquated rules and roles companies like the NFL have perpetuated for far too long. But it takes rebels to make the change.

Ever heard of UFC legends Nick and Nate Diaz? Or how about world-renowned Muay Thai kickboxer Joe Schilling? Notice how these athletes are constantly fighting for what they believe in, both in and out of the ring? Not surprisingly, the systems that be try to keep these guys quiet, to hold them back from the public eye. But not this time. Edgy and colorful entrepreneur “Mighty” Matt Staudt redefined marketing and PR by supporting who these athletes already are, not creating someone new. Simply put, his “mission is to help athletes authentically brand themselves while finding financial support to do so.” A surprisingly difficult task, considering all the money flying at the mainstreamers.

Mighty Matt
Mighty Matt

Choosing to focus on their clients’ passions opened up a whole new level of relatability—and a popular one, too. No longer only pushing what’s thrown at them, artists and athletes alike have found value in simply being themselves, and having the guidance to support their endeavors. How else does a company come to work with the likes of Orange County Choppers, Jean-Claude Van Damme and the Diaz brothers?

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While each client has their own passion, Matt has recently—and most notably—helped the Diaz brothers swing full speed ahead into the cannabis industry, establishing deals with FlavRx, California Finest and Futurola, as well as setting up dispensary signings and hosting the SoCal Cannabis Cup. Matt’s work was recently recognized with a 1st Place Best Product HT Cannabis Cup Award for the creation of the Nick & Nate Diaz Sativa & Indica Pre-Roll Packs, made in collaboration with California Finest. Energy & Recovery, pre and post-workout strains, respectively, is geared toward educating customers of the benefits of cannabis as a fitness supplement.

Mighty Matt
Mighty Matt

The success of this business model is undeniable. Mighty Matt offers a new alternative for athletes and influencers. In March of this year Matt partnered with Janus Sports & Entertainment, assuming the position of 3rd owner and CMO, where he currently represents 20 clients between the UFC and Bellator MMA.

A glance at Matt’s Instagram (@mightymatt) shows just how unique this sports agent is—one who doesn’t take breaks or follow rules. Routinely seen with the likes of B Real of Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg and a rotating list of today’s biggest MMA stars, he clearly lives a life filled with colorful characters and constant adventure. By pairing this star-studded lifestyle with a mission to normalize and de-stigmatize the plant through various media outlets, including High Times, the sky is the limit for Mighty Matt.


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