Mirage Medicinal: Delivering Cannabis while Fighting for Justice

The People

Malcolm Mirage and Nina Parks

Siblings Malcolm Mirage and Nina Parks own and operate Mirage Medicinal, a delivery service in San Francisco. No stranger to the war on drugs, Malcolm was incarcerated on charges of possession with intent to sell. Now free from prison, Malcolm and Nina work to keep California’s cannabis industry accessible to those who have been persecuted and incarcerated in the long fight to end marijuana prohibition. Nina also cofounded Supernova Women, a non-profit that supports women of color in the cannabis industry.

“We have already fought so hard to be in the space, our family has already sacrificed so much for this industry.”

The History

Malcolm began delivering marijuana at age 14 to family members battling cancer, AIDS and drug addiction. With dreams of opening his own brick and mortar shop, he expanded his delivery route out of state to raise capital. Arrested in Texas, Malcolm faced two- life sentences for marijuana trafficking. In 2014 he was found in New York violating his parole and sent to prison. Not knowing how long he would be incarcerated and with a legal and viable cannabis delivery service in California, he called his younger sister for a favor. Nina says it was clear she needed to continue her brother’s work “We have already fought so hard to be in the space, our family has already sacrificed so much for this industry.” Despite his record, Malcolm still dreams of owning a brick and mortar dispensary.

The Product

Whoopi & Maya Medicinal Cannabis Body Balm

Mirage’s menu features a variety of flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals from companies across Northern California. Nina says whoopi & maya’s soaks and rubs are very popular not only with their female patients but also with their bodybuilding clientele. The siblings love making friends with small boutique operations which allows them to carry new strains and unique products. One of their favorites is Islandpharmz’s Kava Sherbs Crumble (80 percent THC). Nina exclaims “holy bananas the terpenes on that is through the roof. Patients tell us they put it on everything.” Its unique taste comes from infusing Samoan flavors like kava and pineapple juice during processing.