What’s In Your Rig Arsenal? Mary Jane’s Innovative Miniatures


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It’s not every day that I vape my joint from a miniature green tank with a fairy on its side.

What? Yes.

Mary Jane's Arsenal

An adorable glass piece measuring only 2.4 inches long, The Commander Tank Rollie Bubbler is just one of an army of miniature pieces from Mary Jane’s Arsenal. Some are so small they can be worn as necklaces!

“Oh, that’s a fun way to smoke a j!” I remarked before my first cool, easy-to-enjoy hit from the bubbler. As cute as MJA’s tiny tank is, it’s straightforward compared to some of their other inventive offerings. For example, The Dubbler — you know, to take two joints at once to the face! Their debut product, the Wand tool, doubles as a roach clip and dabbing tool; it’s both simple and practical. Heavier artillery includes the Hydra Mini Rig, a spill-resistant Klein recycler that “tames hot vapors with a cyclone of cool water.” Its counterpart, theHydra VE, may be the easiest way to dab without a torch; its custom spout turns most vape pens into portable dab rigs.

Mary Jane's Arsenal