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Molly Peckler: Cannabis-friendly Life Coach



Molly Peckler: Cannabis-friendly Life Coach 1

Growing up in the Midwest, Molly Peckler didn’t consider a cannabis career as a feasible option. After years of working as a matchmaker, an unexpected opportunity landed her a position as a cannabis consultant. She immediately fell in love with the cannabis industry. This led her to launch Highly Devoted, a business with a mission to help cannabis-friendly singles find lasting love. Using her knowledge as a matchmaker, she began offering dating and life coach services and now has a robust client roster. Molly began hosting Singles Speakeasy events in Fall 2016. They offer a warm and sophisticated environment where cannabis singles can have a romantic sesh together without fear of judgment. Through her coaching and events, she provides all the tools necessary for clients to confidently build lasting connections.

  Molly met her husband, Marc, when they were only 21. Cannabis brought them together and enriches their relationship to this day. “We always laughed together and had fun, but we challenged one another, and walked on the same path,” Molly said. “We wanted the same things out of life, and our core values were completely aligned.” Sitting on a couch, sharing a bong with Molly and Marc, I can say with certainty that their palpable adoration for one another gives me hope for my own romantic future.

DOPE Magazine: Tell us how your experience sets you and your business, Highly Devoted Coaching, apart?

Molly Peckler: My time as a consultant helped me to understand the different laws and regulations throughout the U.S. and Canada, but it also gave me an education on the different brands in cannabis and their messaging. I realized there was a huge market of white-collar enthusiasts that had barely been tapped, and I decided to stake my claim and start my own business in the industry. With my degree in Psychology and my experience in matchmaking and cannabis consulting, it dawned on me that I was uniquely qualified to be the first ever cannabis friendly life coach and dating expert, and I launched Highly Devoted in June of 2015.

At Highly Devoted Coaching, I specialize in giving cannabis consumers around the world the tools to build confidence in themselves, in dating and relationships, in their direction and career, as well as confidence in cannabis. I’m well-versed in cannabis’ ability to enhance lives and relationships, and I know that lasting confidence manifests when you stop worrying about what others think, and you focus on what makes you truly happy. Highly Devoted is a platform to share this knowledge, allowing us to work together to end the stigma, and make the world better with cannabis.

Molly Peckler

Molly Peckler

Q: You’ve been happily married to your husband, Marc, for five years. How did you meet?

A: Marc and I met at the beginning of our senior year at the University of Illinois, and cannabis played a huge role in bringing us together. We lived in the same apartment building, and I was friends with one of his roommates. That friend invited me over to their apartment for a sesh, and Marc and I immediately hit it off.

I remember heading back down to my apartment, and there was an AIM message from Marc waiting for me (this was back in 2005), asking me to hang out. Before we even had our first kiss, we would spend hours smoking bowls on my balcony, chatting and getting to know each other. Those smoke sessions ended up building a really strong foundation for our connection, and we’ve been smoking together ever since.

Q: What role does cannabis play in your relationship with Marc?

A: When we want to unwind, we both prefer cannabis over alcohol or pills. It helps us stay present in the moment while boosting compassion and empathy. We love being silly and laughing together, and we don’t take ourselves as seriously when we’re high. Cannabis helps our communication, bolstered by enhanced perspective and patience.

Q: In your coaching practice, what is the most common issue for your clients?

A: The majority of my clients haven’t been able to find their ideal partner on their own, and they seek me out because they know I respect and understand the importance of cannabis in their search.

The first step is pinpointing everything a client needs to be completely fulfilled in a relationship. It’s surprising how little time people spend thinking about this. A lack of chemistry or attraction are non-starters, but if you don’t share values and you want different things out of life, you’re just wasting time.

Molly Peckler

Molly Peckler

Q: How do you help them?

A: I also provide my clients the tools to deal with their relationship fears head on. Insecurities from past experiences and relationships can negatively affect how potential partners view you. Removing those obstacles is like turning on a magnet, especially when it comes to attracting other confident people. When two confident people come together, jealousy and neediness are non-issues.

Once my clients are primed for love and we know exactly what they need to be happy, I develop and implement online and offline dating strategies to quickly and efficiently find an ideal cannabis friendly match. I also provide feedback and guidance for sealing the deal once you find someone special. I do most of my coaching over Skype, so I have the ability to help clients around the world.

Molly Peckler

Molly Peckler

Q: Tell us more about the Highly Devoted Singles Speakeasy and what you hope to accomplish by hosting these types of events.

A: The Singles Speakeasy is a first-of-its-kind cannabis friendly dating workshop and singles mixer. Ever since I launched Highly Devoted, I focused on my goal of creating cannabis singles events. Once I moved from the Midwest to California, I joined forces with weed wedding and cannabis event guide Love and Marij, and we’ve hosted successful events in Los Angeles, Denver and Orange County. We have plans to bring the Singles Speakeasy to many other cities and states throughout 2017 and beyond.

Q: What’s next for Molly Peckler and Highly Devoted?

A: My first priority is coaching. Unfortunately, not everyone interested in utilizing my services can afford them, but I want them to have access to my knowledge and tools. To solve this issue, I’m currently working on a Highly Devoted book, and I look forward sharing my cannabis dating tips, confidence hacks and productivity tools with the masses.

Hopefully in the not so distant future, you’ll be able to purchase Highly Devoted branded cannabis products at your local dispensary. Also, I’m lucky that several production companies are interested in making a show about my business, so keep an eye out for Highly Devoted on TV.


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