Monarch Wellness: First Scottsdale Dispensary Prioritizes Patients


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  • Address: 8729 E Manzanita Dr., Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Monarch Wellness – Scottsdale, AZ

As the first medical dispensary in Scottsdale, Monarch Wellness prides itself on its long-term patient relationships. When they first started around five years ago, there wasn’t too much on the shelves, as their vertically-integrated setup with HUXTON/Omaha Farms hadn’t yet materialized. From those sparse walls grew a dedicated patient base, whose consistent needs prompted them to renovate the lobby, adding an express window powered by an online ordering system. But Monarch’s approach has stayed the same. “[There’s] no, ‘What can I get you?’ More like, ‘Last week you said you were going up north, how was it?’ We want to know about you,” sales floor manager Dan Hirchak tells me.

Monarch Wellness - Scottsdale, AZ

The Product

Monarch’s most popular products include Timeless cartridges, Infusion Edibles sodas and Sublime vapes and edibles. They have near-daily sales, with BOGOs Sunday-Tuesday, 20 percent off deals Thursday-Friday and daily $8 grams with $25 eighths on select strains. iLava Touch and Stoney Yoni topicals are also big sellers, and those who buy Uncle Herbs (now Untamed Herbs) dog treats often clear the shelves. A personal favorite of mine is their half-ounce salad bowls from Omaha Farms, perfect for infusing into various oils for homemade edibles. They also carry KINDRED capsules, which are recommended for those with dietary restrictions or anyone looking to ease stress discreetly during the holidays.

Monarch Wellness - Scottsdale, AZ

The People

Hirchak, who’s been working at Monarch for over four and a half years, says most of the staff is there for the long haul. With quarterly events at places like Top Golf and Escape The Room, as well as above-minimum wage pay and full benefits, it’s easy to see why employees stick around for the long haul. Their closeness with their patients extends to each other. “[I’m] excited to have a job I’m passionate about,” Hirchak beams. “[I’m] best friends with almost everybody here. I get to see my best friends every day.”

Monarch Wellness - Scottsdale, AZ

“[I’m] excited to have a job I’m passionate about … [I’m] best friends with almost everybody here. I get to see my best friends every day.” – Dan Hirchak, Monarch Wellness sales floor manager