Study Shows Women (Particularly Mothers) Utilize Cannabis For Health Reasons

Cannabis for Health

Yes, women use cannabis, and they often use it as a supplement for health and wellness. BDS Analytics, a Colorado-based company specializing in cannabusiness-driven data, completed a study entitled “Women Are Using Cannabis To Take Control Of Their Health,” surveying 1,281 women in Oregon, Washington, California and Colorado—all states where cannabis is legal. Their overwhelming conclusion? Women with children who still live at home are “the most likely demographic to use cannabis for sex, self-care.” This is the third in a series of BDS Analytics’ “Cannabis Wellness Trends” reports.

Their latest study concluded:

  • Menstruation, sex and menopause are the top three reasons women utilize cannabis for self-care.
  • 39% of female cannabis consumers use cannabis to alleviate symptoms related to mental health conditions, menstruation or menopause.
  • More than half the women surveyed report using cannabis at least once a week.
  • Female consumers over 35 prefer topicals and edibles.
  • Female consumers of all ages are more likely to use flower and less likely to use vaporizers, homemade infused products or dab rigs.
  • 27% of female cannabis consumers utilize cannabis to enhance sexual experiences.
  • Out of all female cannabis consumers, women with children under 18 are most likely to utilize cannabis to enhance sexual experiences.
  • 49% of women surveyed agree with the following statement: “Marijuana is medicine for me.” 54% of those women are women with children under 18.
  • 37% of female consumers surveyed agree with the following statement: “Consuming medical marijuana gives me a sense of personal control over my health.”
  • 25% of female consumers claim they “reduced use of prescription medications” after using cannabis. 33% said the same of over-the-counter medications.

Whether it’s to treat pain, spice things up in the bedroom or replace harmful prescriptions, women—and, overwhelmingly, women with children who still live at home—are turning to cannabis for their health needs. As the plant becomes normalized and legalized across the globe, let’s hope this trend continues!

Study Shows Women (Particularly Mothers) Utilize Cannabis For Health Reasons

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