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Mountain Medicine: Infused with Colorado’s Finest Highland Honey



Mountain Medicine: Infused with Colorado's Finest Highland Honey 1

I can’t remember the last time I spoke with somebody as kind and knowledgeable as Mountain Medicine’s Founder and Head Billy Goat, Jaime Lewis. What was supposed to be a brief call, turned into a 45-minute conversation about her background, story and passion for what she does. Jaime began her culinary journey in San Francisco, where she graduated from the California Culinary Academy and proceeded to work in multiple highly-acclaimed restaurants and as an executive chef of a Michelin starred restaurant. Jaime began experimenting and creating medical marijuana edibles in the mid-2000s when a restaurant regular’s father was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. This was the push that led to her vision of creating products to help heal and bring relief to people through cannabis.

Jaime moved to Colorado in 2009 and started Mountain Medicine, a medical marijuana­infused product manufacturer that supplies the highest quality medical and recreational edibles and products throughout the state. As if her hands aren’t full enough running and operating a very successful business, Jaime is also one of the founders of the Cannabis Business Alliance as well as the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Board Chair.

I’d been paying a lot of attention to the development and regulation of cannabis laws, and even though my heart’s in California, I knew that Colorado was where all of the action would be. I made the move and obtained all of the necessary licensing and was actually one of the only edible companies in production when recreational use became legal in 2014. So at that point we had an amazing head start on the rest of the industry.

dsc08157Mountain Medicine recently partnered with Highland Honey on a collaborative line of edibles sweetened with cold-pressed artisanal honey. Once Jaime sat down and spoke with Master Beekeeper Tim Brod, she knew that their businesses were a match made in honey heaven. If you haven’t heard of Highland Honey before, they’re based out of Longmont and their honey is out of this world. Tim extracts honey from hundreds of hives in the prairies, foothills and mountains of Boulder County, making his honey as local as it comes. They utilize a cold-press method so as to maintain the integrity of the honey’s taste, aroma and health benefits.

They never heat the honey over the natural temperature of the hive. It’s the same as any other food, heat is what kills the nutritional benefits. What makes Tim’s honey so special is the location of the hives. The elevation, the pollen, the weather, everything about his honey is native to Colorado. You know how some of the best wine in the world can only be made in a specific region? Boulder County gives Tim’s bees the ability to make the purest, sweetest honey available. I can’t imagine any bees in the country that are happier than Tim’s.

One of Jaime’s favorite elements of the collaboration products is the raw factor. Using the honey as a sweetening agent, she’s able to create these delectable cannabis concoctions without sacrificing any nutritional ingredients.

I’d say my three favorite current products (not from the new line *hemp bites) consist of first and foremost the Harmonious Honey Sticks, because of their pure simplicity. This item really showcases the flavor and the quality of the honey, and that’s really the best part. The Sensational Sesame Bites are another one of my favorites because they’re made from completely raw ingredients, so they’re healthy for you. I used the Highland Honey as the binding agent for the bites and it really adds the perfect amount of sweetness, everyone is really excited about them. Even though the new Stupendous S’mores aren’t made with the Highland Honey, they’re still one of my favorites from the new line because at the end of the day I’m a fat kid at heart, and that marshmallow ganache paired with the chocolate is just way too good.

After trying Jaime’s products firsthand, I am absolutely hooked. The S’mores Bites and the Marvelous Caramel Pretzel Bites are a must-try for any chocolate lover, and the honey sticks are so delectable, you really need to taste them for yourself to understand. Since the Sesame Bites are loaded with raw ingredients, I can’t think of a better edible to pick up next time I’m going for a hike and could use some extra energy. I’m still spinning from my conversation with Jaime and particularly moved by her uncompromising standard for quality, helping people through her products and sheer amount of knowledge of the industry. Jaime’s role on a recently­approved Massachusetts medical marijuana license means that the Head Billy Goat herself will be heading to the East Coast in the near future to share the love from her kitchen. Today’s lesson? If you ever find yourself in the presence of Mountain Medicine’s products, you better not walk away empty-handed.


Items from the new line of Mountain Medicine products infused with Highland Honey includes:

Harmonious Honey Sticks, Sensational Sesame Bites, Strawberry Fruit Leather, Fabulous Chocolate Fudge. You can find Mountain Medicine’s products near you are at,


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