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MR Wholesale – Washington

MR Wholesale has recently gone through a major overhaul. Their new lab director “turned the place upside down,” as Owner Rebecca Chateaubriand puts it, and reinvented their entire process to improve quality and efficiency. The change was so radical that Rebecca now refers to the brand as “MR 2.0.” (“MR,” by the way, stands for Made Right.)

MR Wholesale - Washington

The People:

Rebecca has a background in classical French cooking and learned candy-making from her grandmother. She’s also a professional singer, and, to protect her vocal cords, chooses not to smoke. All of this was the perfect recipe for going into business making low-dose, infused candies. Getting to where she is now has involved some hiccups, but in the summer of 2017, everything fell into place when Rebecca promoted her Extraction Tech, Chris Topper (a.k.a. Topper) to Lab Director. A military veteran with a medical and biochemical background, Topper was more than qualified for the job, and engineered their complete system overhaul. Now, their team of 25 are putting out a better product with more efficiency and greater vision for the future than ever before.

The Place:

While Made Right grows some of their own flower for extracts, and sometimes sells the nicest buds to a handful of stores, the heart of the operation is their extraction lab and kitchen, where the candy-making magic happens. Inside, it’s pristine and clean, with people in hair nets and gloves bustling about in a methodical, musical, mélange of activity. You’ll see “grammers” weighing and packaging product with hip-hop playing in the background. Then there’s the extraction lab, where techs wear full-on scrubs to prevent cross-contamination. They’re more along the Megadeth and Sevenfold vein. “We go hard in the lab,” shares Topper, who admits he sometimes listens to classical music when working alone.

The Product:

Made Right’s main product is their distillate-infused candy line, Chill Pillz. At the time of this writing, they contain 5mg THC—half the maximum allowed dosage per serving in Washington state. This is great for newcomers with a low tolerance, but also for experienced users interested in microdosing. Rebecca, Topper and the Made Right team are confident they’re putting out the best distillate-infused candies in the state at a competitive price, thanks to their reformulation and bottom-up restructuring.

MR Wholesale - Washington

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