Mystic Journey Sound Baths

Healing, Restorative Mediation Through Sound


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I was greeted with a warm smile right before being overtaken by the powerful energies emitting from the Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery. Immediately upon entry, your body and spirit shift, taking guests into a place of remembrance. This space allows for visitors to quickly align with the positive energies of these beautiful crystals; they’re openly exposed for all to explore. Feeling their magical energy was an even more grounding experience.

As I made my way around the space, allowing the events of the day to melt away, I became more conscious of the way I was moving and reacting to my surroundings. Friday, April 20, had been a day of back-to-back meetings and driving all over town. As I felt my energy take a much needed downshift, I knew I was ready for this experience; I needed to end my day with some self-love and preservation.

Mystic Journey Sound Baths: Healing, Restorative Mediation Through Sound
Photo by Jason Sheldon

My guests and I entered the sound room and claimed our space for relaxation. Jenny Deveau’s soothing voice, coupled with Seth Misterka’s strong presence onstage, put us in the perfect state of mind to begin their Dynasty Electrik crystal sound bath. Sound baths are not a new experience for me; I often use the vibrational powers of sound and tones to cleanse my spirit of any negative frequencies passing through. But the gift Misterka and Deveau gave to me by introducing my ears to crystal sound bowls was unlike anything I’ve experienced with the more commonly used metal bowls. Their crystal bowls took me to a place where I was floating and grounded, all at the same time.

Mystic Journey Sound Baths: Healing, Restorative Mediation Through Sound
Photo by Leah Lau

My emotions quickly became overwhelming, and I began using internal affirmations to relax. With divine timing, Deveau came in with her balancing voice; my frequencies seemed to perfectly align. Her singing brought equilibrium to the space, and I could feel the 30 or so other guests let out a collective exhale. As the sound bowl tones softened, I took a moment, stood up and looked at my dear friend. We smiled and wordlessly left the space, feeling lighter and more rooted. These sound bath sessions happen every Friday at the Mystic Journey Crystal Gallery in Venice—come and see the healing powers for yourself.

Mystic Journey Sound Baths: Healing, Restorative Mediation Through Sound
Photo by Leah Lau

Sound Baths…Did You Know?

  • Sounds Baths originated with the Tibetans.
  • The notes played during a Sound Bath correspond with the chakra being focused on.
  • The bowls are often referred to as Tibetan singing bowls.
  • Research suggests sound waves decrease blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
  • It is very common for attendees to feel the urge to laugh, cry or both.