Nature Meds’ Timewreck: Wait, What Day Is It?


  • Test Results: 23.08% THC | .84% CBD
  • Sativa-Dominant Hybrid: 70% Sativa | 30% Indica
  • Tested By: C4 Laboratories
  • Twitter: @NatureMedTucson
  • Address: 5390 W Ina RD., Tucson, AZ 85743

Timewreck by Nature Med – Tucson, AZ

Exclusively from the organic, pesticide-free soils of Nature Med, Timewreck is a rare, sativa-dominant hybrid, fused together by the potent genetics of Blood Wreck and Vortex, giving it a powerfully positive punch. Skunky aromas of sour diesel and tangy citrus explode around me as I deconstruct the dark green, conical buds, clustered with fiery orange hairs and frosty, resinous trichomes.

Timewreck by Nature Med - Tucson, AZ
Timewreck by Nature Med – Tucson, AZ

Savory terpenes mobilize on my palate, collaborating with creamy, smooth smoke that fills my lungs, providing me with an instant burst of bright relief that awakens a mind-bending cerebral buzz, surging with unrivalled happiness. The clock begins to slow as my arch-nemesis, Depression, fades away, followed by Anxiety and Stress, vanquished by feelings of focused motivation. Finally, my back pain is defeated, leaving me feeling active, uplifted and fully functional. A truly exhilarating, full-spectrum experience that gripped me for hours on end. I’m stoked for a sequel session!

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