Nature’s Herbs and Wellness Center: Bountiful Sun-Grown Buds

On a beautiful, sunny day earlier this summer, I set off from Denver to check out the elaborate greenhouse gardens operated by Nature’s Herbs and Wellness that provide cannabis to their medical and retail shops around Colorado. Owned by John Rotherham, NHWC has catered to the medical marijuana market since 2009, and in 2014 they gained a recreational license to expand their company to the retail consumers. Once I arrived at their greenhouses in Garden City, I was kindly greeted by General Manager of Production, Tucker Eldridge, who showed us around their luscious, flourishing gardens.

The greenhouses were organized, clean; it was easy to walk through the towering, bud laden flowering plants. It felt as though I was wandering through cannabis caves—lively green canopies hung high above us. Exploring the greenhouses was such a unique experience in comparison to the many indoor cannabis facilities around Colorado. The height of the greenhouses paired with the penetration of powerful sunlight allows for a completely different growth style.

Nature’s Herbs and Wellness takes full advantage of the average 300 days of sunshine we’re blessed with here in Colorado, growing their cannabis with the most natural methods they can practice. Any pest problems are managed with predator insects, Atheta coriaria combats any issues with fungus gnats or root aphids, while a combination of Phytoseiulus persimilis and Amblyseius californicus keeps spider mite populations under control. Instead of going with one specific growing method, this group of cannabis experts utilizes their knowledge of the plant, observing exactly what each strain needs.

You can find the beautiful cannabis grown at Nature’s Herbs and Wellness Center at one of their three locations around the state in Greeley, Log Lane Village or the Denver Tech Center area. | Instagram: @naturesherbsco


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