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Nature’s Kiss: “It’s All about the Microbes, Man.”



Nature's Kiss - Englewood, CO

Nature’s Kiss – Englewood, CO

Upon arriving to Nature’s Kiss, I was welcomed by co-owner Bruce Carter, who was one of the most informative and charismatic characters I’ve met in a long time. Opened in 2009, Nature’s Kiss is a full-service dispensary, garden and glass shop all in one. Carter and his team were an integral part of the passage of Ballot Question 302 to make recreational cannabis shops legal in Englewood, one of the only cities not to join the recreational market when Colorado sales began in 2014. They literally pounded the pavement, knocking on the doors of Englewood residents, spreading awareness and education for their cause. After a solid 61.8 percent “yes” from local voters in 2016, Nature’s Kiss was finally able to offer their stunning product to the recreational marijuana market in April 2017.

Nature's Kiss - Englewood, CO

The Place

Once I stepped through the door of the garden threshold, I found myself surrounded by beautiful, healthy, vegetating mother plants. I was greeted by friendly, enthusiastic employees as we made our way through various rooms showing different plant growth stages. I particularly enjoyed their cloning room — where Carter showed me how healthy the ladies were, even in their preliminary stages, and also explained how microbes are an essential ingredient in their growing process. As an individual with zero gardening experience, he helped me understand their role a bit better by explaining how “microbes, to plants, are like probiotics for people … it’s all about the microbes, man.”

Nature's Kiss - Englewood, CO

The Product

I think the look on my face spoke for itself as we entered the final flowering room. Carter simply shrugged, saying, “Yeah, we don’t f*ck around.” Carter worked closely with genetic breeders to cultivate some truly special house strains, including Watermelon Zkittlez, Flashing Banana, Killer Cupcakes and Peanut Butter & Jelly. The Peanut Butter & Jelly knocked me off my rocker. Don’t ask me how it’s possible, but it actually smelled like a peanut butter and raspberry jelly sandwich. On top of a handmade air handling system built by Carter himself (the neighbors thought their herb was too loud, apparently), a key component in their garden is a machine called O2 Grow, an oxygen emitter and water container diffuser. Oxygen in the water complements microbes in the soil, and, according to my man Carter, “Roots love oxygen, and bigger roots make bigger fruits.”

Nature's Kiss - Englewood, CO

“Yeah, we don’t f*ck around.” – Bruce Carter, Nature’s Kiss co-owner


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