Do-Si-Dos #14: Got Milk, Anyone?


  • Test Results: 25.76%
  • Tested By: Arizona Analytical |
  • Available At All Nature's Medicines Locations
  • Instagram: @naturesmedicines.phoenix
  • Website:

Do-Si-Dos by Nature’s Medicines

Two-toned green leaves with layered orange stigma throughout this dense bud remind me of a Christmas tree. Your nose will pick up a soft pine scentwith a hint of nuts and, after grinding, an aroma recalling springtime, like sitting downwind of a citrus orchard. Nature’s Medicines’ Do-Si-Dos #14 tasted earthy on the tip of my tongue, like a buttery cookie in my mouth, and had a sweetness all the way down — activating a craving for milk. 

One glass later, the high sunk in at the top of my forehead with an almost peeling sensation as it worked downward into my cheeks for some soothing, stoney relaxation that kept me on the couch but didn’t put me to sleep.

Do-Si-Dos by Nature's Medicines

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