A New Model for the CannaConvention: Constellations: Past, Present, Future Focuses on Collaboration, Not Competition

Women, spirituality, empowerment and cannabis. A fabulous combination if you ask anyone who attended Constellations: Past, Present, Future, on Saturday, August 26th. The women’s-only event offered vending space to female business owners and featured reiki healing, astrology, tarot readings, massages, facials, interactive art installations, CBD-infused mocktails, and of course, sexuality education from yours truly, the CannaSexual.

As the organizers put it, “Constellations was created to give a seat at the table for small cannabis businesses owned by women—there has been no event or space in our industry that has given free table space to vend products. THC Design is dedicated to outreach to the community not by sponsor dollars, but by putting action in front of logo placement. Ophelia Chong was tasked by THC Design to reach out to the local and state communities with advocacy and feet on the ground; as community liaison she has created and supported programs for Skid Row, Veterans, women, autism, diversity and the LGBTQ community.”

“Constellations was created to give a seat at the table for small cannabis businesses owned by women—there has been no event or space in our industry that has given free table space to vend products…”

When I arrived at noon to set up, I was in awe of the size of the space. THC Design has a beautiful location in Long Beach with three floors, all of which were utilized to showcase some of the best and brightest in the cannabis industry. The event was hosted by none other than Alice Moon, cannabis industry influencer and CEO of Swallow, the world’s largest edibles database. Registration, vendors, a DJ and performance space (where DJ K-Sly and rapper Lizzy Jeff delighted attendees), snacks and beverages were on the first floor.

The second floor housed the smoking/vape lounge (which had a ventilation system set up in such a way that the smoke was contained entirely within the room). The third floor had a mocktail bar, healing space for massages and facials, as well as space for reiki and light therapy. There was also an open area with card readers, astrologers, an essential oil bar, crystal healers and an interactive art installation created by Jennifer Korsen of Dank Canvas. The third floor additionally held my CannaSexual lounge, where I offered “drop in” coaching time followed by three mini “lubricated learning” workshops: Intro to Sex Toys, Sex and Cannabis and Sexy Communication. At each session I gave away a donated item, including a rechargeable vibrator from Fun Factory, a high-end sex toy warmer from Warm, and a bottle of infused sensual oil from Quim Rock.

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A beautiful vibe flowed throughout the entire day. Constellations was a group of women coming together to support one another, promoting self-care and healing—a collection of business owners who actively chose collaboration over competition. It was a space where creative contributors were actually paid for their services, rather than sharing their gifts for “exposure” or free tickets, as so many other event organizers demand. THC Design, Higher Beauty and Plastic Palmtree are creating a new model for the industry, one rooted in mutual respect and a deep commitment to giving everyone a seat at the table. I hope to be involved with many more of their events in the future.